Work programme

LSkIP is required to agree priorities through an annual 'Regional Employment and Skills Report' submitted in March and a 'Regional Plan', offering a more detailed demand/supply assessment, in September. It is anticipated that both documents will offer a strategic and collaborative response from stakeholders to inform Welsh Government and prioritise investment to maximise the potential of any available employment and skills support, including EU and other funding, to deliver economic benefits in the region.

Stakeholder engagement and involvement will need to grow with LSkIP as the Partnership develops. Currently this includes biannual newsletters and stakeholder events, stakeholder participation in working groups, plus engagement through key stakeholder representatives on the South East Wales Employment and Skills Board and Core Working Group, utilising existing networks and structures to take forward Partnership activity.

LSkIP works closely with the South East Wales Regional Engagement Team, which considers the strategic fit of proposals applying for European funding with regional priorities. It also works through partners to provide a series of ESF support groups, to promote collaboration and engagement between operations and support their development and delivery.

LSkIP has launched an online skills observatory to host regional economic and skills data and has a website in development. Future developments include a task and finish group to explore innovation and associated funding opportunities.