The South East Wales Employment and Skills Report suggests six key priority areas should be focused on in the South East Wales region between now and 2020:

  • Responding to Growth and opportunities including:
    • Infrastructure investment and Enterprise Zones; and
    • Foundational economy
  • Adult skills development
  • Entrepreneurship – SMEs and spin out companies
  • Skills utilisation and under‐utilisation
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
  • Employer Engagement

Running through these priorities the board wish to see an ambition for growth and development that engages with and captures the potential of all citizens and focuses on balancing the needs of a vibrant economy with wider social justice commitments. There are already positive examples of both public and private sector working to ensure social justice is embedded in the work of economic and infrastructure projects. Growth must be for the development of the region as a whole and its citizens of all ages and backgrounds. We expect both skills providers, employers and investors to engage with this value statement.