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City Deal: Cardiff Capital Region

The UK Government has agreed a £1.2billion City Deal for the Cardiff Capital Region in partnership with Welsh Government and 10 local authorities

Stakeholder events

The first LSkIP stakeholder event was held on 24 September 2014. The event included key addresses and stakeholder discussions around the Partnership’s vision, mission and objectives and continuing stakeholder engagement. Following the event LSkIP was officially launched.

At the well-attended stakeholder event held on 24 June in Cardiff University Professor Ewart Keep from Oxford University (SKOPE) presented 'Skills Policy, Economic Development and the Labour Market - future issues and challenges for Wales' following a 'South East Wales Employment and Skills Report Summary' by Richard Staniforth, LSkIP Senior Researcher.

The South East Wales Employment and Skills Report is the first for the region and the precursor for the Demand/Supply Assessment Plan produced in September 2015.

The third stakeholder event took place on 8 October in Cardiff. This event focused on the content and development of the next Employment and Skills Report and included presentations from Prof Karel Williams from Manchester Business School and Tracy Murphy from KPMG. Richard Staniforth presented the Demand/Supply Assessment Plan.

Other news

Inspire Operation - Procurement Opportunity

The Active Inclusion Fund The Active Inclusion fund is managed by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) supported by funding from European Structural Funds. It aims to reduce economic inactivity in Wales and improve the employability of disadvantaged people furthest from the labour market.

 FSB Wales Business Manifesto for Welsh Government 2016-21 (386KB)