The Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership (LSkIP) for South East Wales was formally established following a stakeholder event on 24 September 2014 and is one of three regional skills partnerships across Wales formally recognised by the Deputy Minister for Technology and Skills, Julie James AM on 10 October 2014.

The Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership (LSkIP) is supported within the context of the Welsh Government Policy Statement on Skills and Skills Implementation Plan, which defines four key roles for regional skills partnerships as follows:

  • To produce and analyse labour market information aligned to economic intelligence to inform the skills requirements in the regions and inform our future priorities for funding linked to our co-investment policy.
  • To provide a mechanism to review regional skills provision and advise Welsh Government on future prioritisation of skills funding in line with regional employment and skills needs.
  • To act as a strategic body effectively representing regional interests to inform a demand-led and sustainable skills system, ensuring that this is informed by strong industry engagement and takes into account the level of skills utilisation in the region.
  • To act collectively and strategically to maximise future available funds acknowledging the likely reduction in public funds over the coming years.

Furthermore, partnerships must be demand-led and inclusive, involving industry and working with the City Region and Enterprise Zones to prioritise skills delivery in response to economic need.

A strategic partnership to develop the social and economic potential of South East Wales, supporting people and businesses to deliver a high performing prosperous region that stimulates inward investment.
1. To identify and respond to the social, economic and skills needs of South East Wales.
2. To engage with employers and other stakeholders to identify current and future skills needs and plan accordingly.
3. To align activity to future demand and stimulate innovation.
4. To enable an inclusive regional response to Welsh Government Policy and initiatives.
1. To provide the strategic leadership for learning, skills and innovation across the region.
2. To improve the collection and sharing of regional employment and skills data, and intelligence.
3. To collectively identify and develop a response to regional strategic priorities.
4. To facilitate regional joint working between key stakeholders to:
    a. optimise the utilisation of resources;
    b. maximise the impact of provision and raise aspirations; and
    c. stimulate innovation.
5. To produce an Employment and Skills Plan for the region.
6. To ensure the region has excellent learning and skills infrastructure that innovates to meet the regions' economic and social needs.
7. To maximise the impact of resources to deliver innovative and sustainable economic and social improvements in the region.